Ancient Wisdom Studies in Jewish Hidden Consciousness.

The issue of consciousness is developing worldwide. But the realities of consciousness that are open to people are not really explained.


The issue of consciousness is developing worldwide. But the realities of consciousness that are open to people are not really explained.

Science is already proving to us that before we even moved the right hand, we registered in the six seconds before moving the right hand, even before we saw that we were moving the right hand. You've probably heard the phrase "Everything is known and the authority is given." Indeed.

If you have learned by now that you have the opportunity to determine what you will experience in your life, what reality do you imagine, whether you make your decisions, read books and watch videos on awareness or subconscious management and put in mind that you are managing the results of your life. So it's best to get out of this delusion. Every thought, emotion, speech or act has been pre-registered before you even know it. And not only that, science is already proving to us that even our thoughts can be heard, or what we are about to say before we even speak or become aware of it.

If so, how do you create healthy laws that are set in advance?

The answers appear to us in the books of Kabbalah and Zohar.

The concept of consciousness is nothing new. We can read about consciousness already in the book of works written by our father Abraham, or when we read in the biblical story "Adam knew Eve." All biblical stories deal with the occult consciousness, and in the secret layer many secrets are known that no one knows about, reading biblical stories as history stories, but even the Zohar warns readers not to read biblical stories as history stories.

In fact, Bible stories are the codes that create the physical world we live in. Just like a programming language, so we need to know the hidden language that the people of Israel inherited, and now these tools are being opened to him.

The concept of consciousness means "connecting" , but connecting to what? Where, and how do you do it?

The creation system works according to the axiom laws, so one must learn how to change from human recognition to Divine recognition, in order to open up opportunities for connections to be partners in creation.

We do not really create reality, as is usually taught in the nations of the world, we also do not create reality, but discover reality, and each person is given the right to discover for himself what reality his soul will experience. Science calls it "superposition," and it's very important to make a mess of it

In the Basics Seminar for Beginners, we will learn the initial stage students of the occult consciousness must understand before they begin to "walk" in the consciousness space and become partners in creation as a Divine Being, "Divine part from above" , an entity that received the Creator's power in Creation.

All the abilities of consciousness that the Creator has been in fact also within the human being, but since they have never been told, and the person continues to carry on old programming, most people are "dormant" consciousness.

In the basics seminar for beginners of the early occult, as a first stage of a fascinating journey, we will learn how to run in a world that is not a physical world, because the entire world is made up of atoms, and each atom is made up of 99.9999 percent of "empty" space. That means no material.

The glamor deals with this a lot and brings us great tools that explain how this world is day to day, only projected to us as the reality we experience it, actually accepted by "symbolic" garments that clothe the spiritual world.

A person who wants to know if he is aligned with the laws of creation that work in harmony, oneness, and love for your neighbor like you can look at the results of his life in all areas. Finance, health, parity, abundance, etc.… and understand alone, if it is in accordance with the laws of creation, which are in direct alignment with the consciousness movements that consciousness passes through life stations.

The initial phase of Beginning Essentials Seminar is the phase that teaches the language that human consciousness needs to know in order to progress during its journey to Divine Recognition, and at this initial stage, one must first learn the language of occult consciousness, and the codes themselves that make us real.

In this language, we will study "limited" concepts, according to the common language used by the commoners, understand the problems and obtain tools for solutions, in all walks of life, by entering the programming codes: Parity, Health, Career, Parenting, Personal Development, Divine Recognition, and connecting to the abundance.

Basics seminar for beginners in the hidden consciousness, we'll order and understand the freedom of action for a person in the creation system that is precise, and actually, one should align with the Laws of Creation and not the other as we, unfortunately, we are seeing content distributed in secondary consciousness films that do not comply with the multiple creation laws In the people.

We will learn what solutions have been left to us by the great Kabbalists who have already attained and are now reaching out to the people of Israel with a deliberate hand, in order to climb up and out of exile.

We will go over the scriptures in the Zohar and accepted literature, which has been reduced to a friendly language that anyone can understand on their own journey of consciousness, and even teach their toddler children.

We will learn that the content taught around the world sounds similar to other philosophies, but through the study of occult consciousness, we will understand that this is not exactly the same and that the content and attainments that have come to them are widely accepted and are now being exposed to the people of Israel, no philosophy, religion or nationality can be used by anyone. .

In fact, many religions and philosophies came to look at the picture of the creation system but did not come as usual to the programming codes that build hierarchical structures in creation.

In order to undergo a shift from human recognition to Divine recognition, you need to know precision, in the capillaries of the movements of consciousness that the human mind undergoes, as a result of which the system of creation responds to them in your personal life.

Every thought, emotion, speech, and deed that man does here, what consciousness movements that affect the upper worlds as well as the results of human life in this world, which are subsequently projected in the physical world.

No thought that man thinks, gets lost, on the contrary, opens a parallel world, and as a result, we see an inner world radiating to an external world.

Words like "Knowledge and wisdom" which are derived from the occult consciousness, and therefore this hidden language must be taught, which will guide the human being to connect with his consciousness until he encounters the Creator, through a journey called thought, which we learn in advanced seminars, after the occult student has accumulated experiences. Practicality in the Concern for the Concerns of the Hidden Consciousness cleared the barriers of the subconscious mind that draw it to remain low in consciousness.