The energetic seal of creation

Written material for the purpose of a seminar. The reality of being, the 'primeval (hyle) matter', and what is the right of choice given to us and how to use it.


The energetic seal of creation

The reality of being, the 'primeval (hyle) matter', and what is the right of choice given to us and how to use it.

This study is part 2 of the topic "How to connect spirit to matter and matter to the "spirit". On this subject, many books can be written. But I will try to convey the big picture so that students can produce a kind of "looking to the horizon".

We are in a great time when science and the human spirit have found the common denominator and now humans are left to create with these amazing information miracles in their lives and miracles throughout the world.

This time, more than ever, you will understand how the occult science of Judaism overlaps with discoveries in quantum physics.

The study was written with the intention of answering a question that was repeated by the students, which is: "If I am a consciousness, then how is it in the world that is consciousness and not really material"?

For those who are the first time to read these posts, I will give two examples that I begin within the seminars I pass on: "High Consciousness" and I am sure that readers who follow the content here will be pleased to know that from a scientific standpoint:

1. The size of the Tramp Tower is only 1 grain of sand.

2. In a shoebox, 50 billion cars come in.

Why? Because if you go into a matter that is built from atoms and go into the atom, you find that the atom is built from 99.9999 percent of "empty" space/vacuum which is actually quantum information. If you draw all this vacuum, you get the true sizes specified in the two examples. Azrieli Tower grits one sand and 50 billion cars come in a shoebox.

Because mass is destroyed and built at the same time, you actually appear and disappear, appear and disappear, flashing like a cartoon, 30 trillion times a second, because your body is also made up of atoms.

Human reality


So, it turns out that the life you perceive as material reality is actually one big illusion and not being taught in school, so it's time to wake up and understand who you are, why you're here and where you're going. Nothing material really exists outside of your body. So if it's all an illusion, what is the real world on how to live in it? How do you go about it? Then you will be familiar with the concepts of the "reality of being" and "primeval (hyle) matter".

What is the reality of being? And what is the 'primeval (hyle) matter'

In fact, there is only one reality called "the reality of truth", the reality of reality, the concept of the occult language used in the holy language, some call it "Judaism", the science called quantum reality, which readers have been learning about for a long time.

Within this reality, what Judaism calls it "the right of choice", science calls the act of "choice" "quantum leap". You only have to decide how to approach this reality, or in other words: what glasses does the human being choose to look at, the illusion-objective glasses that the human name is not part of in determining the results of his or her life, that everything is material and permanent, or the glasses of the truth, that the human name is active and In the results obtained in his life that everything is frequencies and has the ability to affect frequencies.

Most humans experience both ways of looking at one another, and it is impossible to separate them, once a particle once a wave without them noticing, the only difference between humans, whether they are aware of it or not and what they do with it. Or in other words, what is the dominant way of looking at human life for life, for reality, for what is happening in the world, and how well it knows how to separate the particle, the main thing.

The objective observation

Objective observation, based on the science of up to the nineteenth century, and called the "particle consciousness," says that everything has its identity, its history, it is independent of others, and reality is external and it is understood with the mind, the laws and the like or Man has to conform to the laws. That the wall is a wall and cannot be moved or affected, and looks at everything as one piece. Man will create a machine with a mind that is thrown to get by in a world that has its own set of laws and it has to follow which ones. If you go to card readers, astrologers, numerologists, who can use different methods to analyze your information, they will really read you the map you came up with, because it is a map built by the particle model, and if you did nothing with your life and didn't take advantage of the so-called gift, That is, to choose as a quantum entity out of all the possibilities that exist in the quantum space, it will default and you will experience the way that you have been paved through, your karma, and past life.

The subjective observation

Subjective observation, based on new findings in twentieth-century science and called "spirit/wave consciousness," states that consciousness is reality itself, and materiality is only potential possibilities that take shape in the matter.

In the depth of reality, everything is connected to everything and there is no separation. Today, without a doubt, quantum physics has long since not been called theory and experiments have even surprised scientists, for example: science found that two particles can be in several places at one time, that one action on one particle will automatically affect a different particle, the results being obtained according to the observer's consciousness , One scientist can have such a result and another scientist can have another, the future affecting the present, the elephant you will see tomorrow, will make you dream about him today and other things that seem to take from Harry Potter's world. ..It means in the quantum world there is an intelligence that has its own awareness and is capable of communicating with your awareness and consciousness, etc.… This approach means that the reality of man is internal, and understand it beyond reason, the laws adapt to man and not the other way around. The wall is made up of atoms, string quarks and all information of quantum particles is separate and intelligent and man does have the possibility of influencing reality as a consciousness that measures and observes energetic information.

In occult Judaism, this secret lies in the phrase: "Everything is expected and the authority is given." And here are two ways of looking at reality, and the journey of man's consciousness and the consequences of his life is determined by the way of observation he has chosen and is working through his personal and global life.

According to the person's modes of observation, the results of reality are obtained.

 1. Results from the natural state = "everything is expected" - man is a physical entity - and the laws of the "particle" apply to him and therefore can not interfere with the results of his life, and since that person is exposed to only 1% of the whole reality, because it is only the translation of the raw material into the material, but He does not recognize the raw material and the laws that create the physical, because man is working on an automaton in his life and does not stop to look at creation in its wonders and gifts to man and does not ask questions as an energetic creature not of matter but of quantum information of light frequencies. For him humans are the most boring creation of the Creator, and man is just a little limp hands and brain thinking and a stomach that needs to grind and eyes that need to tinker with Wattsapp and Facebook and chase neighbor pokemon gardens and make piles of money to feel important and buy the newest iPhone that month ago Makes him feel asleep.

2. Results from "above nature" = "and given authority" - man is a quantum entity - and the wave/frequency laws apply to him and he can therefore intervene in the results of his life and opens up to him the potential to add up to 99% of what health has to offer and discover the secrets inherent in it , In his body, mind, spirit, and soul, his abilities beyond the five senses and how to interact with the universe and use the right to choose "and choose life", and learn the language of the universe which is isomorphic and this is what a previous post has written. For humans, this is the divine work of all excellence that he still knows nothing about and waits every day to get out of bed to discover what other gifts he has been given. He not only lives in the spirit world and not only the material world, but he knows how to connect the spirit to the material.

What is the "nature" state

The "nature" state, man behaves "naturally and automatically" and does not take advantage of the "right of choice" given to him by the Creator, here the person is subject to the map laws of his soul that has come loaded with the information that determines its properties, what will happen to him in his life, what people he will meet , What journeys it will pass, etc ... what is called "everything is expected" .. And so it really is what happens, if man runs his life on the automaton and does not stop to ask existential questions, for the universe, man simply makes a predetermined path for a supreme purpose that all sons The person is supposed to reach her. And about that, some fifty million people have experienced clinical death, many say they were told it was not yet their time to leave the physical dimension because they had not done what was assigned to them. Then there are those that the universe will push them, and some that will wake up and ask questions on their journey of consciousness.

In the natural state, this reality is governed by the laws of physics and mathematics, and the laws that apply to "large" structures apply to them, as opposed to the laws that apply to "quantum structures". This reality translates into the recognition of man as predefined natural laws. The reality of nature is managed when human consciousness is in the ego state. When a person is in the state of ego, he cannot enter the field of consciousness. And the reason for that will be explained later

In "nature", man will experience virtual reality, it is a translation of man's recognition of material reality by the five senses that creates an illusion, that what he sees, it really seems, in fact, it is only an illusion, because even if you think you see a chair or table, that's not what things really look like, since everything in the universe is in motion.

A chair made up of atoms, and around the atom's nucleus, there is a rapid movement of electrons that rotate at the speed of light, adding to that the rotation of the earth that everything revolves with, so you only see, the movement of light that produces you. And not really the source of the chair shape, because the material that the chair is made of does not rest for a moment and always moves and is built from 99.9999 percent empty / space, so you can not tell what the chair shape, in addition, you see it only after it appeared, but in fact it is It no longer exists, but renews itself over and over again and you see it only after it has been, because mass builds itself up and disappears simultaneously.

Not only is there a phenomenon of recognizing something after it is gone, but also of emotion and pain. In a study of the brain's responses to pain, it was discovered that the brain transmits pain only after a short while the cause of the pain has disappeared. For example a pain of a burn, not caused in those moments when the burn occurs, but shortly thereafter. So it turns out that you can put your hand in a fire, the hand will get a burn, you will not feel and only shortly, experience the pain and rush to move the hand.

The longevity that you think you are experiencing in the present, has in fact already existed before your consciousness internalized it and then you feel that it exists in the real moments of the present. And this is what is called "everything is expected," because it has already happened.

The occult in Judaism The "everything is expected" state is called "the seal", the seal was obtained from the "seal" of the Creator, who has already signed everything in advance and therefore everything is expected. The stamp is the isomorphic intelligence and it delimits the space, where humans can make their choices from the existing. Humans are only left to experience the endless possibilities of this energetic seal.

Note * Occult theory is above Kabbalah theory and belongs to the Hasidic stream, it also includes the Kabbalah, but not only, and contains many isothere secrets, not everyone can come to understand the codes of occult which belongs to the Chabad people stream, but some who delve into it That it overlaps with the information that is revealed in quantum physics, and often rabbis and commoners sound that fact.

In the nature of nature, man lives through his consciousness which translates into things.

So that you can understand in a friendly way, if you take a color wheel, which has, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, etc ... and turn it in a circular motion, eventually, because it turns quickly, you will see white color. And you will be sure that the wheel is white and this will be your perception of reality. When in practice, the wheel, in general, is made up of a multitude of colors that you will not be able to see.

Or take a pencil/pen/ stick and put it in half a cup of water, which across the glass will see a straight pencil, if those from the side of the glass will see a broken pencil in two ... So whose "truth" is true?

So it is with everything that your eye receives, not only that your eye receives the objects upside down and turns them into heat, but if the vibration is too slow, or too fast, these two options produce the illusion that there is an inanimate object that does not move. But stillness and solidity don't really exist. Because everything is in motion, and also a solid wall is obtained from a very high velocity of the photons, if you slow down the speed of the photons, the softness will be obtained. So, if you thought that by now you know what a chair really looks like, you were wrong. A chair is given to you in recognition that the brain receives letters of the word chair and then the brain produces an image according to the energetic meaning it processes. But you have to write a whole post about it. Because without letter information and no matter what language, the brain does not produce a picture. If you have no word consciously or subconsciously, you will not be able to see or experience in the five senses 99 percent of the rest of what is around you. And this is where the journey of consciousness comes, to discover and discover and discover.

A person who looks at the reality of "nature" for his life, sees only 1% of what actually exists and exists in the energetic seal of creation, the human eye only receives 0.1 percent - the reality of truth. And the more you discover, the more you will know nothing, the more you will grow closer and closer to understanding the laws of the world of truth, which are also hidden in the glow. Because it's all a vast ocean that you think can be separated from waves, but the waves are the ones that build the great and infinite one.

What is the "above nature" observation of quantum reality?

Quantum reality is subject to the laws of quantum physics, a reality that is above the laws of nature, and the results of life are determined by the beholder's consciousness, or, in more friendly terms, by you, if you act as quantum beings with spiritual consciousness and not physical beings with particle consciousness. That is to say, not consciousness is made from brain to brain made from consciousness.

In reality above nature, the spiritual being maintains the physical and not the opposite. In the Zohar, the situation in which the spark of active divine thought exists and creates the physical is called "Bocina Decardinata".

Humans have also been given access to the realities above nature. So that you can march your consciousness to the purpose for which it was created. And that is to lower the sanctity of the spirit to the material, in order to sanctify the material. This secret lies in the occult: "The secret of supreme water and lower water". And in that secret lies the spiritual "photosynthesis" process that creation wants to produce for itself and its creation.

Every person is different, and connects to other things, and so it should be, because if it wasn't, creation would not have created so many different types of trees, different flowers, different insects and even a different fingerprint between man and person and the voice of each of you, that there is no Same to no one else.

Every thought, every speech, every act that you do influences the process of the spiritual photosynthesis that every person has a very important part in this process, and it is determined by the variety and uniqueness of the multitude of creation expressed through it. As different as others, the strangest, the most flying and not doing like everyone else, the same brands, the same behaviors, etc. ... so you serve the process of photosynthesis that is supposed to happen between the connection of matter to spirit and spirit to matter. But this connection takes place in the quantum field.

Up to now, in the creation of the world, upper water has descended into lower water, that is, the Creator sent his consciousness and created the world; The occult theory of Judaism describes that the Creator energy wants to move into an apartment. Simply put, humans raise their consciousness and connect with the Spirit, learning about the Spirit, to do miracles and wonders in their physical lives and lower the Spirit into the matter. If it is in their bodies, and here is the secret: and "I dwell in them," if it is in food, and here lies the "secret of blessings," whether it is in the human senses, and whether it is in your speech, and in your actions, and your thoughts. Here the physicality already seeks to receive holiness.

For example: a person who blesses = spirit, the glass of water = material, produces a spiritual photosynthesis process that, under the microscope, you can see how the spirit has connected with the material and the structure of the water molecule has changed into a Star of David, using only words that have the intent of holiness.

Each one of you is a consciousness that has come to make this journey and participate in the photosynthesis process. And again, if they have experienced clinical death, tellers, who have also given them a choice, whether they want to stop their journey in the physical world or go back to doing it .. And everyone understood the importance and asked not to go back before they were asked to tell.

Most humans are unaware of the existence of this quantum reality and the human eye does not see it, but human consciousness navigates through it every moment. And this is what is called Judaism "and the authority is given." This is where the right of choice you are given, and it is highly recommended to learn how to use it correctly. Science calls this state that everything is at the same time "superposition" and has previously written a post on the subject.

This reality exists in the plasma field, in the plasma field you can find the "substance", it is the initial raw material before it has any form or expression in your life, the material is the raw material from which the world was created, the same material that human beings can process into your five senses and produce a hologram. What you call physical reality, but in fact, if they are just frequencies of light and what gives shape to talk, is sound, whose vibration pushes the quantum world into the particles, molecules, atoms to get in the way that the brain translates to you.

The plasma field in the occult theory of Judaism is called "chaos." True, you are accustomed to the interpretive interpretation of this concept as one big "mess," but the truth that interpretations of these degrees are more appropriate for school children in classrooms that are just beginning to learn. The reality of chaos, in fact, is the most important reality that you must know because there are all the miracles you want to summon for your life, there are all the experiences you want to go through and experience, there are all the results you want to have for your life.

In this reality, the constituents are waves of consciousness and energetic frequencies until they receive some expression that can serve you in the physical world in your journey and the global journey of all mankind. There are thoughts until they adapt to an electromagnetic frequency that you transmit and become an idea that becomes material. There is the quantum information of intuition, where is the quantum information of the inner spiritual processes you will experience until they are expressed in the outer physical world of your life, where are also your possibilities and states of life and there is the quantum information of things and objects that will enter your life and more.

In fact, it is a never-ending map of frequencies, you have the choice to navigate it, by matching the same frequency from your consciousness to quantum consciousness. And thus, you are crushing all other modes of possibilities that exist. Your consciousness that sent a certain frequency, is based on the frequency of some possibility and you receive the inclusion of that frequency in your physical life.

What is the right to vote and what is it measured

The right to choose is the most natural right that a soul has been used to be able to go through its journey through the physical dimension of a quantum map, which man will operate and not act upon. In the Bible, the secret of the quantum map is mentioned in the word "network".

"My eyes are always on the Lord because he comes out of the net, my feet"

"Thus saith the Lord GOD, and have spread my net on thee"

When one makes a choice out of all the possibilities in the quantum map or the quantum space, he actually performs what is called science: "quantum jump".

The right of choice is the tool that helps the human consciousness to enter and exist beyond time and space by quantum leap from result to result, in the quantum field where there are all the options in which the human consciousness can choose the results it wishes to experience.

What is a choice

If you choose between carrots and cucumber, it is not yet called, that you used the "right of choice", but it is just "preference"... Only something that you begin within a field that you can fall into or which you can raise and grow spiritually, is called choice.

The right to vote exists only in the energetic spiritual pan and not in the physical world, and the right is to choose which laws will be applied to you or will you act, laws according to the material world, or laws according to the spiritual laws.

The superficial immediate consciousness you experience is called "ego" and it chooses based on what you have experienced in the physical, it is "local" consciousness and here there are very limited choices because the choice is made of the particle consciousness. And so there's a catch here. Because the consciousness in which there are all the choices that can be chosen from life results is a more refined and complex consciousness and is a "non-local" consciousness that should take into account the complexity of the processes that the entire health system is going through and that you are part of. Therefore, choosing from the field of consciousness does not work when you approach with the ego consciousness, but only with the one consciousness/wave/ spirit.

What will determine if you connect to the One Consciousness is this: From what root of your will is built, whether from the particle or wave consciousness, in a more friendly way, what is the intention behind the will. Do it for yourself: Have a million dollars in a bank, a fancy car, etc ... This is where the particle consciousness works, saying that you only have this good, or that your choice was made to serve the entire system of creation.

If you prefer to turn left or right with your vehicle, it is not called a choice, because it has not changed anything in your personality and has not raised you in the rank of consciousness. The domains human beings have a choice of, which are the areas where human personality changes and their consciousness experiences new or more powerful energies. And yes, it also includes a consciousness of money, parenting, love, health, etc.… If what energies will cause you or fall or rise in spiritual consciousness, after all nothing belongs to you, only to those who give consciousness to experience what experiences and what you do not take after you That you have come out of the material body which energies must conform to the laws of harmony of all creation.

The right to vote works only for the benefit of the person in two situations.

1. Or the person chooses to be better for others to be good.

2. Or the person chooses to be a better person for others to be better.

In both cases, the right to vote works for the benefit of the person, preventing the thought that it is not for himself but for others. You can choose life outcomes such as a financial problem that will be solved and health will send you a solution to the financial problem, but not because it is for you, but because you thought it would bring peace to the family for example. You can choose a result that you have a vehicle for, but if you think of a vehicle for you, you use the "particle consciousness" to create materiality and it goes against the rules of quantum space that works with frequencies. If you choose the option of having a vehicle, because it is important that you drive your child to school or help your mother in need of shopping every Friday, you will work according to the laws of harmony.

The rule in using this right is that it is supposed to produce waves that move on and not get stuck in a particle, anything you want to experience in your consciousness journey should bring awareness to someone else and not you yourself.

To understand this, imagine that you are a stone and thrown into the water, you are the stone that produces the waves created and continues to create other waves. The choice you make is supposed to be this "stone" that will produce waves in the overall system of consciousness of creation.

The vehicle may indeed be yours, but what determines whether you can change the reality of your life is the pure intention from which your thought and your emotion came from, and whether it dresses the choice between good, that you have good in order to be good, or good to be a better person, That others will be good.

In no case is it good for you to have good or easy life. The selection system is built on one energy and the connection with the other and this energetic process is called "love".

If one chooses out of ego consciousness and intention to cause illusion differentiation from one's energy, and with the intention that he wants money for himself, success for himself, materiality for himself, easy life for himself, etc.… Quantum consciousness will not allow man consciousness to enter the sacred place created for the benefit of the entire universe...

In both cases the person has to adjust his choices to the imperative: "And you have chosen life." This life has fueled a consciousness of growth. One must strive to want to take advantage of its good inner potential. What determines the measure if it is good is the intention behind the act, the speech, the thought, etc.…

The way to enter the quantum field and move into a state of time and space in order to select one of the options is only one way. You have to drop your identity, in Judaism it is called "Idolatry" and a post is written on it, you have to drop your name, your history, your family, your title, and everything you identify with, and enter the quantum field when you are at the alpha level Of the brain, which readers have learned about the subject earlier, and forget that you are with you. And only then when you have an unconscious consciousness can you feel yourself as an energetic spiritual force traveling in an energetic spiritual field and there all the possibilities exist in their energetic potential that is part of you.

How to completely eliminate your identity and particle consciousness

In order to completely eliminate identity and particle consciousness, you must find a way to feel that you are similar and related to the Creator .. You must remember that who created the world is a king, and therefore you are sons and daughters of a king... Only when you feel this powerful connection and understanding will it permeate every cell of your body, And your recognition will acknowledge it to the excitement that you are tearing because you suddenly realize how important you are and how much-hidden power you have, so you can shed the imagined identity of the physical world. Repeat and say to yourself: I am the son/daughter of a king .. Again and again, feel the Creator as a spiritual force and you are derived from it, because that is what you really are. Now that you feel spiritual power created by spiritual power, you can begin the process:

Before you begin, choose a result that you would like to have in your reality.

 1. Imagine not the Creator, but his clothes, imagine a diamond crown made of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold letters, and whatever comes to your imagination.

2. Imagine the cloak of the Creator, also made of diamonds, precious gems, light energy and what comes to your mind

 3. Now move on to you, and imagine how you have the same crown and cloak that the Creator has, with the same diamonds, sapphires, etc., and you are derived from it, and so everything that the Creator has, you have but more limited.

 4. Put music in the background that will put you in alpha mode

 5. With the music, try to feel how every organ in your body disappears until you feel very light. Try to feel how the chair you sit on disappears, how things in the room merge into an energetic ocean and with it, you blend in with that ocean.

 7. Once you have reached a state of consciousness only, begin to experience your imagination, the result you wanted to experience, and feel that you experience it, the more you incorporate emotion in the imagination, the more likely you are to choose this result and the other results to be crushed. The longer you stay there and feel that you do not want to go out, because you are actually experiencing the experience of the result you need, the result you will have a chance to come true and even faster.

When you have finished the process, exit it and continue to feel that the result has been selected and is already in your life.